Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Convenient Stage 0.5 Ton Hoist Crane Block


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Will there be any danger when using a chain hoist

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  Will there be any danger when using a chain hoist

  In daily production, operation and other engineering projects, we often emphasize the need to avoid risks and stay away from danger. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to understand the main sources of danger in the use of chain hoists.

  The hazards of chain hoists include:

  The lifting hook, lifting chain, and rotating parts are not flexible;

  Brake (self-locking mechanism) failure;

  The chain wheel guard of the chain hoist is missing, and the bracelet is damaged;

  The accessories of the chain hoist are incomplete;

  The weight to be lifted exceeds the rated load of the chain hoist;

  Remove the lifting hook from the chain hoist and use it;

  The selection of lifting points and the weight of the lifted object are unreasonable;

  Twisting and knotting occur when lifting the chain with a chain hoist;

  The lifting of heavy objects is not securely and reliably bound;

  Using power other than manual labor during lifting;

  Standing on the lifted object for lifting operation or standing in the direction of chain rebound operation;

  Uneven force when pulling the gourd, with several people pulling fiercely;

  During the lifting process, when the heavy object is temporarily suspended, the hand zipper is not tied to the lifting chain;

  Walking or engaging in other work under lifting heavy objects;

  When used tilted or horizontally, the direction of the zipper is not adjusted to conform to the direction of the sprocket, and the zipper is out of groove or stuck;

  When using multiple chain hoists to lift a heavy object simultaneously, the selection of lifting points for each chain hoist is unreasonable, and the load-bearing capacity of each chain hoist is not within the rated load range;

  Overloading or unclear weight of objects;

  Diagonal suspension of objects;

  Loose or unbalanced binding and hanging;

  There is no padding between the edges of heavy objects and the steel wire rope.

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