Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Electric Hoist Crane 2 Tons Chain Hoist


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Be well prepared before working on the chain hoist

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Be well prepared before working on the chain hoist

A chain hoist consists of a sprocket, handwheel, transmission mechanism, lifting chain, and upper and lower hooks, suitable for equipment installation or lifting heavy objects.

Before starting work, carefully inspect the hook, chain, and axle of the chain hoist for damage, and ensure that the transmission is flexible.

After hanging the object, slowly pull the zipper strip and check if the gears are well engaged and if the chain self-locking device is working.

Prepare thoroughly before starting work to prevent accidents.

Reasonable use of chain hoists to avoid risks

Hand chain hoists can reach up to 50 tons in size and 500 kilograms in size, with a wide range of specifications that can be suitable for different conditions. However, due to the general use of hand pulling force, larger hand chain hoists are less commonly used. In large-scale operations, electric hoists are generally chosen.

1.To prevent accidents, hand chain hoists are generally selected to exceed the weight of the lifted object to avoid overloading.

2. For new products, there should be an inspection certificate, and there should be no welding or cracking on the appearance parts, such as chains and covers.

3. The operator stands on the same side of the zipper and no one is allowed to pass under heavy objects to prevent danger.

4. Cherish the chain hoist, do not throw it, add lubricating oil appropriately, and do the best maintenance to extend the service life