Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1 ton concert stage electric chain hoist


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Tianjin Kemei Handheld Hull Cover has multiple advantages

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Tianjin Kemei Handheld Hull Cover has multiple advantages

The chain hoist cover is like armor, which can effectively protect internal components from damage. The cover has different shapes and functions, so do not feel that the cover is just a decoration. We have vigorously organized several functions related to the cover:

1. The shell of the chain hoist can prevent bumps and collisions.

During the use of a chain hoist, it is inevitable to collide with external objects or be hit, and the cover can precisely prevent damage to internal parts caused by collisions.

2. The cover of the chain hoist can prevent soil and dust.

There are many environments in which the chain hoist is used, and dust and dirt are inevitable. Once the friction plate gets caught in dust, it will cause the chain hoist to slip, and other components will also malfunction due to the entry of dust. Therefore, the cover can effectively prevent external dust from entering the internal components.

3. Hand chain hoist cover enhances aesthetics

The shell of a chain hoist is like our clothes, not only providing protection, but also having a certain degree of aesthetic appeal in its design, which adds a lot of points to the overall aesthetics.

The hand chain hoist cover can be divided into circular, triangular, and new integrated compression covers in terms of shape. The integrated cover has better protection effect, followed by triangular, while the circular cover is relatively inferior to these two models. Because when purchasing, you need to choose according to your own usage environment. If the environment is poor, you should choose an integrated pressed cover with good protective performance. If it is commonly used, choose a circular chain hoist.