Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What's wrong with the chain hoist not falling?

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  What's wrong with the chain hoist not falling?

  There are several possible reasons why a chain hoist cannot be lowered:

  1. To "brake the car" for a chain hoist, which means to lock the brakes.

  2. The lifting chain is twisted during descent and cannot be lowered due to jamming.

  3. The gear of the chain hoist is stuck by a foreign object and cannot operate normally.

  Solution 1: Use force to pull the zipper strip in the downward direction, preferably forcefully downward for 3-4 times to restore normal operation.

  External treatment method 2: First, pull the zipper strip and lift the heavy object upwards with the chain hoist. Check the position of the chain and loosen the twist joint.

  External treatment method 3: Open the gear cover of the chain hoist to remove the foreign object stuck in the gear, and then install it back to its original state (generally, the foreign object stuck may be an iron block after the gear is broken, and the gear should be carefully checked for completeness)

  Attention: It is strictly prohibited to repair or disassemble the hand chain hoist when it is under load.

  What are the precautions for using a chain hoist

  Before operating the chain hoist, it is necessary to carefully inspect all components and parts, including each link of the chain, and only use it when it is in good condition.

  2. The chain hoist must not be overloaded during use.

  3. The lifting chain of the chain hoist requires vertical suspension of heavy objects. There must be no wrong buttons between the links of the chain.

  When pulling the hand zipper with a chain hoist, the direction of the zipper must be in the same plane as the hand zipper wheel.

  5. Diagonal pulling is strictly prohibited to prevent chain jamming.

  6. When pulling, it is necessary to apply force steadily to avoid chain jumping or jamming; When difficulties are found in pulling, the cause should be checked in a timely manner, and no hard pulling or additional force should be added to avoid breaking the chain or pin.

  7. When using a tripod, the tripod must maintain relative spacing and be connected by ropes between the feet. When the rope is placed on the ground, attention should be paid to preventing the operator from tipping it over.

  8. The lifting height shall not exceed the standard value to prevent the chain from breaking the pin and causing accidents

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