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What's wrong with the chain hoist not turning when pulled back?

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What's wrong with the chain hoist not turning when pulled back?

Before using the chain hoist, it should be empty pulled and checked for normal operation: lifting, lowering, braking, etc. When a chain hoist lifts a heavy object to a certain height, unloads the load, or lowers the object, but the chain does not rotate, it is likely a problem with the braking system. Check if there is any locking. It is also possible that the chain is detached, causing it to become stuck and unable to be pulled.

Reasons and solutions

1.To understand the specific cause of its occurrence, it is necessary to first understand the braking and transmission principles of the chain hoist. When pulling back, there will be a gap between the friction plate and the ratchet, causing the brake to not work. Stopping pulling the friction plate will re contact the ratchet and have an effect. If the brakes lock up, it means that the two have not separated and the pawl is still working when it gets stuck.

2.The solution is to forcefully pull several times to restore normal braking, creating gaps and rendering the friction pads ineffective. But the premise is to confirm that the reason for not turning back is due to the issue here.

3. Check if the lifting chain is stuck and the chain link is not in the predetermined position with the lifting sprocket, causing the transmission to lose its function. This should be reinstalled to avoid pulling too hard or uneven speed during operation

4. Check if there are foreign objects inside the gourd causing it to get stuck. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble and clean it thoroughly, or other component problems may also affect the transmission.

Pulling back without turning actually means only going up and not going down. The above reasons and methods require us to fully understand the working principle and structure of the chain hoist, be familiar with various components, so we can ask relevant personnel to handle it