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What inspections do hand chain hoists need to be done before entering the warehouse?

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  What inspections do hand chain hoists need to be done before entering the warehouse?

  Hand chain hoist is a common lifting equipment widely used in factories, mines, docks, construction sites, and other places. It has the characteristics of light weight, easy portability, beautiful appearance, small size, and durability. For hand chain hoists that are not used for a long time, we need to store them in the warehouse. Before storage, we need to inspect the hand chain hoists. Below, we will explain in detail the inspections that should be done before storing the hand chain hoists:

  Firstly, check for excessive wear, corrosion, deformation, and external damage on the lifting chain of the chain hoist. Check if all rotating parts of the chain hoist rotate flexibly and ensure that the fasteners are not loose. Then check the wear and deformation of the hook, and the hook should be free of harmful defects such as cracks, sharp corners, burrs, corrosion, warping, and torsion. The transmission components of the chain hoist should be regularly lubricated with grease, and the friction surfaces of the brake must be kept clean and free of oil stains to ensure reliable braking performance. When using the chain hoist for lifting, lubricating oil should be applied regularly and dirt or other debris should not be stuck on it to prevent it from entering the lifting chain and depositing in the concave area, affecting the engagement of the party. The chain hoist that has been used should be stored in a dry place. When left unused for a long time, it should be properly protected and properly handled. After completing all the above checks, it can be stored in the warehouse.

  The above is the inspection that should be done before the chain hoist is put into storage. Only by conducting the above inspections can you ensure that the chain hoist is intact and undamaged next time you use it.

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