Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Instructions and precautions for using chain hoistsHand chain hoist is a common manual lifting tool that is widely used in many fields.

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  Instructions and precautions for using chain hoists

  Hand chain hoist is a common manual lifting tool that is widely used in many fields.


  1. Confirm that the chain hoist meets the required load and usage environment requirements. Check if the loading weight, lifting hooks, brakes, and other items on the gourd are in compliance with the standards.

  2. Connect the lifting hook of the chain hoist to the object and adjust the height and direction of the lifting according to the instructions in the operation manual. Determine the user load that the chain hoist needs to withstand and provide sufficient support on a smooth and sturdy foundation.

  3. Before starting the chain hoist, ensure that the rope is not tangled, deformed, or broken, and check if the brake, brake, or clutch on the hoist is unable to function properly due to wear.

  4. Start slowly pulling down on the handle to allow the rope to move slowly.

  5. When the lifting object reaches the predetermined safe height, the brake should enter the working state to prevent the hoist from falling.


  1. Hand chain hoists are used for small load-bearing, high-power, and unified H-shaped steel demonstrations, and cannot be used for pivot moving materials.

  2. When using a chain hoist, it is necessary to follow its standard load and operating speed requirements to ensure its safety and reliability.

  3. The collar and pin on the gourd should be properly fixed, and do not use gourds that have lost stability or are clearly damaged.

  4. Avoid repeated high-frequency use or overloaded operation with maximum load, otherwise it will shorten the lifespan of the hoist and reduce its work efficiency.

  5. When using a chain hoist, it should be within the range of force and avoid operating under a load of up to 100% to ensure its long-term effectiveness.

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