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How to choose the lifting belt?

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How to choose the lifting belt?

1. Selection of lifting belt specifications and types. When choosing the specifications of the lifting belt, the size, weight, shape of the load to be lifted, and the lifting method to be used must be included in the calculation, the limit working force requirements given, and the type of working environment and load must be considered. Must choose both sufficient capacity, and can meet the use of the appropriate length of the sling, if multiple lifting belts are used at the same time lifting load, must choose the same type of lifting belt; The raw material of the flat lifting belt cannot be affected by the environment or load. Whether accessories or soft lugs are required, careful consideration must be given to matching the end of the lifting belt with auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.

2. The limited use Angle of the sling When the flat sling with soft lifting ears is used, the length of the smaller lifting ear can not be less than 3.5 times and the hook of the contact part of the lifting ear is larger in thickness, and the Angle of the lifting ear activity can not exceed 20°. When connecting slings and lifting equipment with soft lifting lugs, the contact part of the sling and lifting equipment must be constant, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, and the bending radius of the lifting attachment must be at least 0.75 times the axial width of the sling.

3. Follow good lifting experience Plan lifting and light handling plan before starting lifting.

4. When hoisting, correctly use the hoisting belt connection mode to correctly place and connect the load in a safe way. The hoisting belt must be placed on the load so that the load can balance the width of the sling; Never tie or twist the sling stitching site must not be placed on the hook or lifting equipment and is always placed on the upright part of the sling to prevent damage to the tag by moving away from the load, the hook and the locking Angle.