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What are the manufacturing procedures for lifting belts?

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What are the manufacturing procedures for lifting belts?

With the improvement of product appearance quality requirements, a single steel wire rope lifting device is prone to scratching the surface of the lifting object, which no longer meets the demand. The development and production of synthetic fiber lifting belts can effectively solve this pain point. So, what is the production process for lifting belts?

The synthetic fiber lifting belt is made of high-strength polyester, polypropylene, or polyamide industrial filament as raw materials and woven on an industrial loom. In production, the inspection of raw materials is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of lifting belt products. After passing the raw material inspection, it enters the weaving, dyeing, and lettering processes. By warping, the filament is processed into warp beams that meet the weaving requirements, and the belt is woven on the weaving machine. The leather is placed in the dyeing tank for dyeing, and the dyeing is different for different lifting weights. After dyeing, the leather also needs to be labeled, such as the company name and lifting weight logo. After the raw materials meet the quality requirements, the inner core is made. Processed into an inner core that meets the requirements through core assembly and twisting equipment. Put the semi-finished products of each process with leather and inner core, and assemble them into products that meet the process requirements through the core piercing process. Finally, the stitching is uniform and aesthetically pleasing, meeting the quality requirements. After the production of the lifting belt is completed, a tensile test will be conducted on each specification of lifting belt with a quantity of 1%. To verify whether the quality of the produced products meets the provisions of the enterprise standard Q/YZD01-92.

Method of tensile test: Conduct the test using a specially designed hydraulic tensile machine; Lifting straps with a length exceeding 4m shall be lifted using the method of lifting heavy objects.

Packaging can only be carried out after the tension test of the lifting belt is qualified. It should be noted that during production, the surface of the lifting belt should not have defects such as jumping, dragging, wrong lines, and wrong threading. The edge of the belt should not have any peeling phenomenon.