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How to determine whether the lifting belt is a quality issue or a normal damage?

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How to determine whether the lifting belt is a quality issue or a normal damage?

In recent years, lifting belts have gradually taken over the lifting and rigging market due to their many advantages such as lightweight and compact, good flexibility, high strength, wear resistance, oxidation and UV resistance, replacing some steel wire ropes. They are mainly made of high-strength polyester filament, which does not produce sparks and are widely used in various fields. Some users encounter lifting belt fractures during use, It is difficult to distinguish whether it is caused by quality issues or damage caused by human use, but with a little care, it is still easy to distinguish.

The lifting belt is made of chemical fiber weaving. When the chemical fiber breaks, it is stretched to its limit and breaks, resulting in shrinkage and curling of the broken fiber head. The presence of this type of fiber is purely normal. If some ports are neat and there is a hard cutting feeling when feeling the fracture with your hand, it indicates abnormal use. Some parts have been chopped or cut before the fracture, and no further use has been found, The bearing capacity is greatly reduced, leaving only a portion under stress, resulting in three or two layers with neat ports and uneven parts, which is just one of the phenomena.