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Under what circumstances should lifting belts be scrapped

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  Under what circumstances should lifting belts be scrapped

  Under normal use, slight scratches on the surface of the sling are a normal phenomenon and will not affect its performance. But if there are significant local abrasions that can cause a loss of strength to the sling, careful observation is necessary.

  When the following situations occur, the sling should be scrapped:

  1. Severe tearing, cutting, damage to load-bearing fibers, and suture lines of the sling;

  2. Due to exposure to high temperatures, deformation occurs, resulting in localized hard blocks or coarse sand on the woven tape;

  3. Cutting, especially at the edge of the strap, will lead to a serious decrease in strength. In this case, the sling should be immediately stopped from use.

  When encountering goods with sharp corners or edges during use, protective measures such as sheathing and corner protectors must be used to protect the lifting belt, in order to extend its service life and eliminate safety hazards.

  The lifting of production has the following advantages:

  1. The lifting belt is lightweight and easy to use

  2. Not damaging the surface of the suspended object

  3. Stable and safe lifting

  4. Synthetic fiber lifting belts have high strength and can determine tonnage based on color

  5. Improved labor efficiency and cost savings

  6. Corrosion resistance and good wear resistance

  7. Widely used, suitable for ports, docks, chemicals, steel, machinery, installation, and other lifting places.