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The serious harm of edge damage to lifting belts

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  The serious harm of edge damage to lifting belts

  The possible defects or damages that may affect the continued safe use of the lifting belt mainly come from the surface abrasion of the lifting belt during use.

  Under normal circumstances, surface scratches during normal use are unavoidable and are considered normal scratches, with little impact on the lifting belt.

  However, as the lifting belt is used for an extended period of time, this impact is also constantly changing, and the situation will deteriorate, affecting the load-bearing capacity of the lifting belt.

  During the abrasion process, there are surface and edge scratches, with more severe edge scratches. The edge of the lifting belt is scratched, and the wound is pulled out during the bearing process, seriously affecting the mechanical performance of the lifting belt.

  Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of lifting straps:

  The lifting belt is soft, lightweight, and easy to store. It has the characteristics of shock absorption, non corrosion, non aging, non-conductive during use, and no sparks in flammable and explosive environments. The elongation under rated load is 1.6%, and the tensile characteristics are similar to those of steel wire ropes.

  The disadvantage of a lifting belt is that it is easy to damage the lifting belt when lifting objects with edges. When the lifting belt is cut or worn, it cannot be used again. Therefore, the advantages of the lifting belt outweigh the disadvantages. The disadvantages of the lifting belt can be completely overcome, as long as a lifting belt corner guard is added when lifting objects with edges.