Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Classification Description

  Hoisting belt: Kemei electric hoist special lifting belt is wear-resistant and durable. Better assist in the operation of electric hoists. Mainly suitable for fixed installation in the field of commercial stage construction, banner hoisting in shopping malls, used for stage construction/mobile performances, stage scenery, sound, and lighting layout banner hoisting.

  Black stage flexible lifting belt: Adopting a tightly woven design, the joint tension is small, durable, wear-resistant, and not easily deformed. The lifting belt adopts 4-8 layers of stitching, thickened and widened multi-layer weaving, moisture-proof, low material distortion, low loss, long service life, and has a safety factor of 6 times. Protect the contact surface from damage and ensure even distribution of tension. Anti moisture, good heat resistance, up to 80 degrees.

  Black steel wire rope lifting belt: The outer part of the lifting belt is made of polyester material, and there are steel wire ropes inside. The diameter of the steel wire rope is 1.5mm, and it can be wound 32 times to increase flexibility while ensuring the strength of the sling. The heat resistance of the sling can reach up to 150 ℃. The safety factor is 6 times. The surface opening facilitates inspection of the condition of the steel wire.

  Kemei carefully manufactures, carefully selects materials, and meticulously creates each product to ensure product quality. Each sling has a trademark and a certificate of conformity, which is inspected and approved for safe use. Good heat resistance, up to 120 degrees Celsius. Our products, whether they are stage chain hoists, stage electric hoists, or auxiliary tools, are highly praised by customers.