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Best Quality Endless Rope 1t Lifting Belt Sling


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Details processing of lifting straps

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  Details processing of lifting straps

  When sewing, binding synthetic fiber lifting straps may inevitably result in small defects such as loose threads. These small flaws are something we must deal with.

  There are many ways to deal with these small flaws now, but the most common ones we use are Ush hot grilling or traditional alcohol lamp grilling.

  When we produce lifting belts in large quantities, we use tungsten filament lamps for hot baking, which is more convenient and efficient. But if the temperature control is not good, those threads are prone to scorching, which will affect their appearance.

  Alcohol lamps are different. Compared to tungsten filament lamps, alcohol lamps are easier to control. We can adjust the height between the flame of the alcohol lamp and the lifting belt according to the specific situation of each lifting belt. This way, we can ensure that each lifting belt is aesthetically pleasing. But the efficiency is far inferior to tungsten filament lamps.