Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Programmable Silent Stage Chain Electric Hoist


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How to implement safety measures for frequent stage construction during performances?

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  How to implement safety measures for frequent stage construction during performances?

  A professional enterprise's stage construction service usually involves two or three sessions, with tight schedules and heavy tasks. The stage safety cannot be ignored, and protective measures must be in place. The installation details must be rigorous, and the performance is explosive. Stage safety must be given priority by the enterprise in order to truly implement measures from the root and ensure they are in place.

  Enterprises themselves should attach great importance to stage performance activities, put in enough effort in selecting and building performance stages, and consider repeatedly evaluating the strength of the enterprise. Enterprises with a wide audience, large business volume, and high construction quality standards are definitely trustworthy. Concert stage construction is a complex project that requires collaborative work and coordination. Especially in today's concerts, the pursuit of cool effects is becoming increasingly innovative, requiring Weiya, elevators, and lighting to constantly design new patterns, which greatly increases the complexity of stage construction. The difficulty coefficient of stage performances will only continue to increase, and the technical content is still relatively important, especially in terms of meeting the technical standards at the stage structure level. It is necessary to ensure the reliability and stability of suppliers. Select enterprises with rich long-term cooperation experience for cooperation.

  The construction of a performance stage is not a standardized assembly line operation, and the specifications and effects of each performance are different. It also has strong regional characteristics and is greatly affected by external interference factors. Some stage venues have poor conditions, and adverse weather will have a safety impact on the dance stage. We still need to pay attention to the stage and assess the true strength of the enterprise.

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