Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Safety precautions for electric hoists on stage

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     Safety precautions for electric hoists on stage

  On the basis of understanding the operating instructions, please also pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Please memorize the contents of the user manual and nameplate before operating.

  2. Please adjust the stop blocks at the upper and lower limits before lifting the object.

  3. Please confirm whether the brake condition is reliable before use.

  4. If any of the following abnormal situations are found in the steel wire rope before use, never operate it.

  (1) Bending, deformation, corrosion, etc.

  (2) The degree of chain fracture exceeds the specified requirements and there is significant wear and tear.

  5. Please never lift objects that exceed the rated load capacity, which is indicated on the nameplate of the lifting hook.

  6. It is prohibited to carry people on lifting objects, and electric hoists should never be used as the lifting mechanism of elevators to carry people.

  7. There must be no one underneath the lifted object.

  8. When lifting objects or hooks, they cannot be lifted in a swinging state.

  9. Please move the gourd directly above the object before lifting, and do not lift it diagonally.

  10. Limiters are not allowed to be used repeatedly as travel switches.

  11. Do not lift objects connected to the ground.

  12. Please do not excessively jog the operation.

  13. Do not use flashlight wires to pull other objects in front of you.

  Before maintenance and inspection, be sure to cut off the power supply.

  15. Maintenance and inspection work must be carried out in an unloaded state.

  16. Please confirm whether the wedge block is securely and reliably installed before use.

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