Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Lighting And Audio Electric Chain Hoists


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Stage electric hoist focuses on stage construction to meet all your expectations

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  Stage electric hoist focuses on stage construction to meet all your expectations

  Various cultural performances, exhibitions, and commercial activities are frequently performed every day, all of which cannot be separated from the construction of the stage. When we are carrying out stage construction projects, we often use stage hanging gourds for our work.

  Stage construction includes scenery, lighting, makeup, clothing, effects, props, and more, integrating them together to form stage design. Different colored lights can create different spatial environments, create stage illusions, and help the audience better integrate into the performance.

  The placement of stage lighting is very particular, as it not only illuminates the stage but also guides the audience's gaze. Large performance venues have a lot of stage lighting, with different placement positions and angles. During construction, workers use hand chain hoists or stage electric hoists to lift the lighting to the designated location, which is both labor-saving and convenient.

  The stage chain hoist/electric hoist products have excellent workmanship and outstanding performance. Its cover, chain and other components are all made of high-quality alloy metal materials, and all have been treated with special spray paint, which will not affect the lighting effect of the stage and is more concealed; Equipped with specialized chain storage bags, the chain storage is more convenient and can effectively protect the chain from damage; There are two types of operation modes: vertical and vertical, which can be used more conveniently according to the on-site operation needs; Compact in size, easy to use and labor-saving, making stage construction work more efficient.

  The stage operator chain hoist not only satisfies people with its material, but also performs well in terms of operational performance, which is why many stage construction equipment rental companies are enthusiastic about choosing it for stage construction operations. Hand chain hoists and electric hoists can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's requirements, and can meet the customer's application scenario requirements from product materials to lifting height and tonnage

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