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The difference between lifting chains and steel wire ropes

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  The difference between lifting chains and steel wire ropes

  Although the purpose of lifting chains and steel wire ropes is basically the same, there are still significant differences in their form. The lifting chain is a short loop chain that is interlocked with each other. Steel wire rope is made by twisting a large number of steel wires.

  Due to differences in manufacturing techniques and materials, the price of lifting chains is often higher than that of steel wire ropes.

  The state is also different when damage occurs. The lifting chain will deform and the links will break as a whole. Due to the fact that steel wire ropes are made by twisting multiple strands of steel wire, some wires may break.

  There are also differences in weight, with the same diameter specifications. Compared to others, the weight of steel wire rope is lighter and the load capacity is also smaller.

  How to distinguish the quality of all 80 level lifting chains?

  It can be distinguished from the following aspects: surface, size, tension, and material.

  Surface: Check if the position of the R-arc on the surface of the chain is smooth and if there are any obvious indentations. Is there any burrs at the welding point.

  Size: Check if the inner length of the chain link, the inner and outer widths of the welded joints are standard.

  Tension: After the production of the chain is completed, a tension test is required to see if it meets the standard tension value.

  Material: 20Mn2 alloy steel material.

  So all of them are 80 level lifting chains, and the quality is still divided into many types.

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