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How to increase the service life of lifting chains

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  How to increase the service life of lifting chains

  How can the service life of the lifting chain be increased?

  There is a scrap standard for lifting chains, and they are not replaced only when they break. It mainly depends on whether the surface of the chain is damaged, worn, and whether the chain is cracked, deformed, and so on.

  We can reduce such situations during use. The chain material is a type of alloy steel, and rusting can cause surface wear on the chain.

  The chain comes into contact with air, which is humid. The higher the humidity, the more severe the oxidation and rust of the chain. Therefore, when storing or using the chain, try to avoid a humid environment.

  If the chain is used as a transmission or load-bearing chain and needs to pass through the sprocket, it should be checked before use and not twisted.

  If the chain is twisted, not only will it jam the sprocket, but the chain will also wear out.

  When using the chain, choose the specifications according to the instructions. It should be noted that the vertical load capacity of the same specification chain and the load capacity when used at an angle are different. The angle will reduce the carrying capacity of the chain, and the larger the angle, the smaller the carrying capacity. Do not overload, as it is not only unsafe but also accelerates chain deformation and cracking.

  Chains also require maintenance, which can be checked regularly. Suitable rust proof oil can be selected according to the needs, and the chains can be oiled for maintenance.

  Summary: To increase the service life of the chain, it is necessary to use it correctly, avoid overloading, conduct regular inspections, and maintain it.

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