Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What must be known about the safe operation of electric hoists

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What must be known about the safe operation of electric hoists

During the use of electric hoists, accidents often occur due to improper operation or poor product quality. In order to avoid a series of safety accidents, our company's relevant technical personnel have summarized the safe operation of electric hoists as follows:

1、 In the selection and installation of electric hoists

1. The electric hoist selected by the company must have a product qualification certificate and a safety technical supervision and inspection certificate issued by the labor department in the place of production.

2. The installation of electric hoists is carried out by the installation team to ensure the quality of the equipment.

3. The device needs to undergo all safety technical inspections by the lifting machinery inspection organization of the labor department before it can be used.

2、 In terms of electric hoist maintenance

1. Before use, smooth oil should be added to the lifting and operation organization reducer, and the oil level should be limited to the lower axle ratio of the reducer.

2. When the steel wire rope is smooth, it is forbidden to directly apply the smoothing agent to the working steel wire rope by hand. A hard bristled brush or nearby polished wooden board should be used. In winter, the smoothing agent should be heated and melted before smoothing.

3. The bearings are smoothed using laser grease on the cover.

3、 Regarding the handling of electric hoists:

1. The company should strengthen the filing and card establishment of electric hoists, and timely record the repair and maintenance of equipment.

2. Establish various rules and regulations related to electric hoists to facilitate their use.