Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Why do we need to prepay a portion of the deposit when buying an electric hoist?

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Why do we need to prepay a portion of the deposit when buying an electric hoist?

On various large electric hoist product enterprise website platforms, transactions between buyers and sellers are often reached through offline contracts. Sellers adopt the approach of requiring buyers to prepay 30% -40% of the deposit after signing the contract, then produce and ship the goods, and settle the remaining payment after inspection before picking up the goods. A small number of customers may ask if it is possible to make payment directly after the goods arrive, which is generally not allowed. So why do we need to prepay a deposit before producing the product and shipping it?

1. Prepaying a deposit and then producing electric hoist products for customers is also to ensure that customers carefully consider the specifications and quantity of the products when purchasing, and do not purchase randomly. If there is a debt in production, it will cause customers to purchase randomly.

2. Booking a deposit can help customers sell products with dedication. There is a very vivid example: in the same snowy environment at night, if we buy movie tickets ourselves, we often go to see them. However, if it is a complimentary movie ticket, we feel that it doesn't matter whether we go or not.

3. We are arranging production with a prepayment as a manufacturer to avoid situations where customers no longer want the products after production is completed. Some products are custom-made or have a large quantity, and once we produce them and the customers no longer want them, we may cause a backlog of goods. Non standard electric hoist products ordered may not even be purchased by customers for a long time.

In this way, I'm afraid many customers will understand and understand the difficulties of our electric hoist manufacturer. We respect and cherish every customer who pays the deposit in a timely manner. Even if the quantity is small and the quality requirements are high, being able to settle the bill in a timely manner is a great reputation and wealth! Reputation is a person, a company, and a source of development!

We are not trying to reduce our cooperation conditions with customers, our service enthusiasm remains unchanged, we are trying to achieve a win-win situation!