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The sliding factors during the operation of the lifting chain of the chain hoist

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  The sliding factors during the operation of the lifting chain of the chain hoist

  A good accessory in the lifting industry is an 80 level lifting chain, which is widely chosen and favored by many people. However, when the chain is applied to a chain hoist, there may be a situation of chain slipping, which may be caused by excessive brake clearance or gear wear.

  Excessive brake clearance can affect braking performance. When suddenly rising, the chain will experience a downward trend, which poses some danger to the operation.

  2. Gear wear leads to chain slippage. When the gear is severely worn, it will affect the bite of the chain and cause a sliding situation, but the probability of occurrence is relatively low.

  The sliding of the lifting chain will affect our normal work. We hope to draw the attention of customers, correctly understand the causes, and take measures to solve the chain sliding problem based on the causes.

  The lifting chain is the most important component in lifting machinery, so special attention should be paid to its use and daily maintenance management. Now let's take a look at the safety management regulations of this product:

  Firstly, check the chain joints and ring chains for wear and cracks before use.

  Secondly, during use, it is best to lift the chain vertically in order to achieve the highest efficiency.

  Thirdly, excessive vibration should be strictly avoided during use.

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