Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1.5 ton electric chain block with Double Speed


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How to keep an electric hoist? How to pack and transport?

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How to keep an electric hoist? How to pack and transport?

Electric hoist is a lightweight lifting equipment driven by electricity, which has been widely used in lifting and handling work in various departments of the national economy and warehouse management.

Regarding storage:

1. The stacking height can be appropriately controlled based on the weight of the product, the quality of the packaging box, and the load-bearing capacity of the ground, in order to avoid damaging the packaging and product.

2. Electric hoists should not be stored outdoors and should be stored in a dry warehouse with appropriate cushioning to prevent moisture.

3. The brake pads of the brake should not come into contact with grease or be exposed to sunlight and rain to prevent aging and failure.

4. The bearing and gear surfaces of the hook should be coated with anti rust lubricating oil, and the exposed thread surfaces and screw holes should be coated with anti rust grease.

5. Steel wire ropes should not come into direct contact with acid, alkali substances, or the ground. They should be coated with anti rust grease and wrapped with linen cloth to prevent corrosion and dust contamination.

6. The recommended storage period for electric hoists is one year.

Regarding packaging and handling

1. The gourd body and the electric motor are assembled as a whole and fixed in a wooden box to prevent shaking and impact during transportation. Other components should be packed and fixed separately in the box, with appropriate padding.

2. During loading and unloading, it is not allowed to throw or collide, and the lifting and landing should be smooth to prevent damage to the product.