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How long does it take to clean the group hoist

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  How long does it take to clean the group hoist

  Everyone knows that lifting machinery and equipment need to be cleaned. Only by cleaning on time can the lifespan of the equipment be extended and costs reduced, and the same goes for group hoists. Group hanging hoists are usually installed in outdoor environments, often exposed to wind and sun, and there is dust in the working environment. Over time, there is a lot of dirt in the gaps of the equipment, which is the most easily overlooked issue. If not cleaned for a long time, it may cause corrosion.

  After using the group hoist for a period of time, it is inevitable that dust will fall in, and the chain and internal components will also have varying degrees of wear. Timely cleaning and maintenance work can effectively reduce the wear of the group hoist electric hoist and extend its service life.

  Firstly, cleaning is the most basic task and also a prerequisite for maintenance. After long-term use, there may be dirt in the gaps between the cover and components. Failure to clean it in time can lead to reduced efficiency and slow operation of the group crane electric hoist. When cleaning, we can use a cloth to wipe, and the gaps can be wiped with a cloth wrapped with iron wire. Only after cleaning thoroughly can lubrication work be meaningful.

  The chain of the group crane electric hoist should be lubricated with oil, and attention should be paid to whether the oil in the gearbox is sufficient. Some gear bearing components also need to be lubricated with an appropriate amount of oil. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the group crane electric hoist can effectively reduce component friction, prevent rust, extend the overall service life of the group crane electric hoist, and significantly improve efficiency.

  In fact, there is no rule on how often to clean the group hanging gourd. As long as everyone develops a habit and cleans it regularly, it is good.

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