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Remember, the hook cannot be used again in the following situations

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Remember, the hook cannot be used again in the following situations

The hook is an important accessory of a lifting hoist. During use, the hook often experiences fatigue cracks due to heavy loads. It needs to be inspected at least 1-3 times a year and regularly annealed to ensure safe operation and extend the life of the hook. In the following situations, it is necessary to stop using and replace it with a new one:

1. Use a 20x magnifying glass to observe the surface of the hook. If there are cracks or breaks, they cannot be used anymore.

2. The dangerous section of the hook, if worn beyond 10% of the height of the dangerous section, cannot be used again.

3. Those who experience permanent deformation during load testing.

4. If there are cracks or deformations in the tail and threaded parts of the hook, it cannot be used anymore.

5. The transition fillet of the threaded part without threaded part on the hook tail and the fatigue crack cannot be used anymore.

If the above situations cannot be detected in a timely manner or forced to continue using, there is a great safety hazard and a high possibility of breakage, with serious consequences.