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How to calculate the reasonable use of lifting chains

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  How to calculate the reasonable use of lifting chains

  The lifting chain is often seen in daily life, and it is used for lifting, tying, and gourd specific purposes. It is also

  It is an important component of the lifting hoist, and during our use, it is inevitable that it may break, which affects the safety of operation.

  So how do we use lifting chains reasonably?

  Overloading or diagonal lifting of the chain is not allowed during use, as it can increase the load-bearing capacity of the chain, exceed the rated load, and easily cause deformation and fracture of the chain.

  The chain is subjected to increased force, and prolonged use can lead to chain breakage.

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  What are the rules for using lifting chains?

  1. When the sprocket is severely worn, we also need to replace it with a new chain. If we only replace a single component, it will cause poor meshing between the two components, accelerating their wear.

  2. If the chain is too long or there is elongation after use, we need to remove the excess number of sections according to the actual situation, but it must be ensured to be even.

  3. To master the tightness of use, if it is too tight, it will accelerate wear and lead to excessive power consumption; If it is too loose, it is easy to experience chain detachment.

  4. When doing lubrication work, it is also necessary to ensure the clearance between the shaft and the inner sleeve, reduce wear, and maximize working conditions.

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