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What is the basis for judging the scrapping of lifting chains?

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  What is the basis for judging the scrapping of lifting chains?

  As a professional manufacturer of lifting chains, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the basis for scrapping lifting chains.

  1. If the main ring is twisted more than 10 degrees from the non bending plane, it should be scrapped

  2. The allowable wear value of the suspension chain shall not exceed 10% of the diameter of the circular link chain rod or the thickness of the auxiliary tool

  3. The permanent elongation of chains and single rings shall not exceed 5% of their original length

  4. Cracks, bending, or twisting in any part of the suspension chain, as well as jamming or stiffness between the ring hinges, which cannot be ruled out, are prohibited from use

  What should be noted when selecting a lifting chain?

  A suitable lifting chain is a prerequisite for ensuring safe use, so how should the chain be selected? The specific steps are summarized as follows:

  1、 Observing the surface, products with no abnormalities such as corrosion or distortion are considered high-quality.

  2、 Touch the surface with your hands and there are no abnormalities such as frosting or burrs.

  3、 Estimate the tonnage of heavy objects and select a chain that is equivalent to their tonnage.

  4、 Check the chain nameplate for any omissions or misprints. If not, it indicates that the product is functioning properly.

  5、 Check the business license of the manufacturer, go to the factory for inspection, and understand the production process.

  6、 Adding a heavy object to the lifting chain for load testing is the only excellent product that can fully pass the test.

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