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How to repair the brake of a wire rope electric hoist?

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How to repair the brake of a wire rope electric hoist?

The brake is an important component of the wire rope electric hoist and a relatively easy to encounter problem accessory. Its maintenance is the key to the maintenance of the entire wire rope electric hoist. So, what problems are it prone to? How should it be resolved?

Common brake failures include two types: brake failure and excessive sliding.

1、 Normally, the spacing between brake accessories often exceeds 80 millimeters. Upon inspecting the surface of the accessory, excessive wear was found. In this case, loosen the screw that connects the brake and remove the fan gear. Remove excess oil stains from the surface and slightly adjust the nuts to achieve optimal spacing. If the spring shows a tendency towards fatigue, it should be replaced. If the brake ring is damaged, it is difficult to ensure spacing and the brake ring needs to be replaced. Replace the inherent accessories and coat the added brake rings with a small amount of water for smooth installation.

2、 The failure of the brake to open properly during the initial stage of the wire rope electric hoist is a common fault. The common cause of this malfunction is the small gap between various brake components, or the blockage caused by the accumulation of debris in the gap. At this point, you can fine tune the nuts for locking, increase the spacing between them, or remove the back cover and start cleaning.

In daily life, it is necessary to regularly maintain and inspect the brake of the wire rope electric hoist, otherwise there will be unpredictable risks in the use of the wire rope electric hoist.