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How to prevent the chain of the stage lifting chain hoist from breaking?

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How to prevent the chain of the stage lifting chain hoist from breaking?

We all know that chains play a very important role in lifting operations, which is directly related to the safety of goods and people. Preventing chain problems in advance can effectively prevent accidents. Today, the editor of the stage chain hoist will explain how to prevent chain breakage.

1、 Excessive overloading is strictly prohibited. If the weight of the lifted goods far exceeds the load range of the gourd, it is likely to cause chain deformation, even cracks and fractures. Small overloading may not have a significant impact on the chain at that time, but it can still cause safety accidents in the long run. Therefore, we need to carefully estimate the weight of the goods before lifting operations.

2、 Repairing the chain is strictly prohibited. If there is a problem with the chain and it meets the scrap standard, it is strictly prohibited to repair and continue using it.

3、 Regularly inspect the chain, and if severe rust or cracks are found, we need to replace it in a timely manner.

4、 Take good care and protection measures. Long term exposure to rain or sunlight can have an impact on the chain. We should protect the chain according to the usage environment and regularly apply lubricant to reduce chain wear.

The above are several methods to prevent chain breakage. The editor of Guanhang Machinery's stage lifting chain hoist once again reminds everyone to do a good job in preventing chain breakage and avoiding accidents.