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At present, most of the lifting chains on the market are G80 grade. So what does G80 mean?

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  The benefits of using G80 grade lifting chains

  At present, most of the lifting chains on the market are G80 grade. So what does G80 mean? It means that each square meter of chain can withstand a pulling force of 80 Newton. Its application is the most widely used among many chains.

  Firstly, G80 lifting chain is a high-strength lifting chain made of high-strength manganese steel. So its hardness is very strong.

  Secondly, it ensures a safety factor of 4 times and a weight load of 2.5 times, allowing customers to use it with confidence.

  Finally, it can also be used in harsh environments that are damp, slightly acidic or alkaline.

  The above three points are the advantages of using G80 lifting chains

  What to do if the lifting chain is worn out and fails?

  During the use of lifting chains, distortion and deformation often occur due to wear and tear, which can affect the safety of operation. This is a very common problem. How can we reduce the degree of wear and tear? Actually, only two moves are needed:

  First trick: Before use, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil evenly on its surface and let it stand for a period of time. After the grease is fully absorbed, use it again to reduce wear.

  The second trick: Choose a suitable chain for work according to actual needs. If abnormal operation occurs during use, please stop the operation in a timely manner and inspect the chain, which can also achieve the goal of reducing wear and tear.

  If the twisting degree of the lifting chain is relatively light, the lifting work can continue, but it is necessary to do a good job of inspection, regularly understand and record the degree of twisting, and if the danger cannot be ruled out, it should be immediately prohibited from use.

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