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Strength and effectiveness of G80 lifting chain

Category : V7 Stage Electric Series

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  Strength and effectiveness of G80 lifting chain

  G80 grade lifting chains are essential in the lifting industry, and their construction strength must meet national standards. Only high-strength chains can achieve better performance. Below, we will introduce them in detail.

  G80 lifting chain strength:

  G80 lifting chain is an essential lifting device, which uses high-quality alloy steel materials and advanced assembly line production equipment to strictly control quality. Only by doing so can the lifting chain meet the international standard of level 80.

  Alloy steel materials have high strength and are used to manufacture tools with hard and wear-resistant surfaces. Therefore, lifting chains made of alloy steel materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making them safer and more reliable for customers to use.

  G80 lifting chain usage effect:

  The lifting chain of the Komei electric hoist adopts G80 level lifting chain. The ring chain electric hoist is suitable for construction sites, warehouses, automobile companies and other enterprises, and can be used for lifting heavy objects. The G80 level lifting chain has the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance, so there will be no phenomenon of lifting chain breakage when lifting heavy objects.

  Ring chain electric hoist is one of the best-selling products in China. Due to its reliable quality and improved working strength when paired with G80 lifting chains, it is safe and durable to use, with a compact and reasonable structure and high work efficiency. It is the preferred product for many lifting equipment demanders.

  That's all for the strength and effectiveness of G80 grade lifting chains. When choosing, everyone must pay attention to the thickness and length of the chains they purchase to ensure they match their usage situation.

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