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Reasons for excessive noise during the use of lifting chains

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  Reasons for excessive noise during the use of lifting chains

  During the use of lifting chains, excessive noise is inevitable. So what are the reasons for the noise?

  One of the main reasons for the above situation is that the sprocket is not coplanar, which means that the rotating shaft and sprocket are not in the same horizontal plane.

  The wear of chains and sprockets can also cause noise during chain use, which is unavoidable during use.

  Finally, there is a quality issue with the chain itself. Excessive chain tightness, insufficient chain lubrication, and excessive chain pitch size can all affect the use of the chain.

  The solution to this situation is to check the parallelism of the front and rear axles and the coplanarity of the sprocket.

  Pay attention to strengthening the lubrication and maintenance of the chain in daily use.

  What are the reasons for rust on the lifting chain?

  Due to the high raw materials for lifting chains recently, but the inability to increase the price of finished products, the steel material for the chains has gradually declined, which is the fundamental cause of rust. In addition, there are several other reasons as follows:

  1. Some manufacturers do not strictly follow the cleaning and rust prevention regulations and oil seal rust prevention packaging requirements during the production process, and do not apply rust prevention treatment to finished or semi-finished products.

  2. During storage or production, the chain comes into contact with corrosive liquids or gases.

  2. During production or storage, the quality of products such as rust proof lubricating oil and cleaning kerosene used does not meet the requirements.

  3. The content of non-metallic impurities in steel is relatively high (the increase of sulfur content in steel reduces the material's own corrosion resistance), and the deviation of metallographic structure.

  4. Some enterprises have poor environmental conditions and small turnover areas, making it difficult to carry out effective rust prevention treatment. In addition, due to the hot weather, there are also occurrences of production workers violating the anti rust regulations for lifting chains.

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