Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What is the price of stage electric hoists (parameters of stage electric hoists)

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  What is the price of stage electric hoists (parameters of stage electric hoists)

  The beauty of the stage used in large-scale conferences, stage performances, trade fairs, and other activities is closely related to the lighting effect and the layout of LED screens. However, these devices are not suspended in mid air like the celebrity hanging Weiya, but are mounted on high places by stage racks and stage electric hoists.

  What is the price of a stage electric hoist?

  1. It is related to the functions of electric hoists: the development of the performance industry has driven the development of stage machinery and equipment, and has enriched the models of stage electric hoists. Ordinary electric hoists can only complete lifting control operations at a lower price, while intelligent variable frequency loop chain electric hoists support PC programming and multiple connections. They are often the preferred stage hoisting hoists for large New Year's Eve parties and concerts, and the selling price is also higher.

  2. It is related to the load-bearing capacity of electric hoists: if the load-bearing capacity is low, the price will be low, and if the load-bearing capacity is high, the price will also be high.

  Stage electric hoist parameters:

  The load capacity of the electric hoist can reach 1000KG, the voltage is between 220-440V, the power is 750W, the lifting height can reach 25 meters, the lifting speed can reach 4 meters, 8 meters, and 16 meters per minute, the number of chain rows is 1, and the protection level can reach IP56.

  The stage electric hoist is suitable for professional stage lighting and sound, performance activities, installation engineering, and other inverted or high-altitude lifting construction. It has a compact appearance, light weight, low noise, time-saving and labor-saving, and high safety factor. Customers are welcome to choose.

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Stage electric hoist parameter

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