Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Classification Description

  This product V7 is a stage specific electric hoist, also known as a self climbing electric hoist. The product is designed and produced strictly in accordance with the appearance requirements of touring performances and exhibitions. The surface is painted with black paint, bright and durable, lightweight and flexible. It adopts international No. 80 lifting chain, galvanized and black, and is equipped with mechanical overload protection device and anti falling design, which is highly favored by customers.

  Mainly suitable for fixed installation in the construction field of commercial holy sites, suitable for stage construction/mobile performances. Stage setting, sound system, and lighting arrangement. It can be designed for single control or multi machine joint control to meet your various operational needs, and can be designed for hanging or inverted use according to actual situations. Provided convenience for construction personnel.

  The stage electric hoist is equipped with an 80 level lifting galvanized chain, with an 8-fold safety factor and strong toughness and corrosion resistance. High intensity pixel chain guide, circular symmetrical design, rainproof design, high-quality industrial plug, one-time connection for lifelong use, high-strength 360 ° rotating hook, anti twist chain design, built-in safety overload protector, dual brake system, built-in alloy steel sprocket, high-strength polyester material chain bag

  Usage: During installation, simply hang the hook at one end of the chain onto the lifting point, and the electric hoist body will follow the lifting object up along the chain to the predetermined height.