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What are the factors that can cause corrosion in the lifting chain?

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  What are the factors that can cause corrosion in the lifting chain?

  The lifting chain is an important component for mechanical transportation and load-bearing, so ensuring its integrity also ensures the smooth operation. However, in daily life, the chain may be corroded, and what are the factors that cause it?

  1. The working environment is harsh.

  During use, it is possible that the surface may be contaminated with corrosive solutions. If not detected in a timely manner, the surface of the chain may be corroded, and in severe cases, the chain cannot continue to be used;

  2. Inadequate cleaning and maintenance work.

  If maintenance work is not carried out in a timely manner after use, foreign objects stored on the surface will accumulate more and more, and corrosion will occur over time;

  3. The surface of the chain was not lubricated.

  After maintenance of the chain, it is necessary to wipe off the surface water droplets in a timely manner, and apply rust proof grease and lubricating grease, so as to form a protective film on the surface of the lifting chain and prevent it from rusting.

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