Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Speaker Truss Motor electric lifting hoist


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Due to the heavy load when using a chain hoist, it is at least measured in tons.

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  Due to the heavy load when using a chain hoist, it is at least measured in tons. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is important to use the chain hoist correctly. The safety rules for using a chain hoist are roughly as follows:

  1. It is absolutely not allowed to use two or more chain hoists to lift a heavy object at the same time, as human error cannot control synchronization, which may overload the chain hoists.

  2. When the hand pulling force exceeds the normal pulling force of our product itself, we should immediately stop using it and check whether the internal structure of the product is damaged, if any parts are stuck, or if there is overloading.

  3. During use, it is essential to prohibit any person from walking under the lifted object.

  4. Before use, it is important to estimate the weight of the load and remember not to overload it.

  5. During use, be sure not to rotate, twist, tie or buckle the hook.

  6. The distance for lifting or lowering the load must not exceed the rated lifting height of the product.

  7. It is prohibited to pull diagonally or upside down, and the position of the hanging hook must be firm when using.

  8. After use, promptly store the product and restore it to its original state. Littering or prolonged exposure to the wild is prohibited.

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