Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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Specification for the use of chain hoists

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  Specification for the use of chain hoists

  1. Selection of lifting operation tools

  (1) Before using the hand chain hoist, it is necessary to carefully check that the lifting hook, lifting chain, and rotating parts of the hand chain hoist are flexible, and the brake should be reliable. Check whether the chain wheel cover of the hand chain hoist is intact, whether the hand chain rod is intact, and ensure that the accessories of the hand chain hoist are complete, without chain breakage, and that all components are safe and reliable.

  (2) According to the weight of the equipment or workpiece to be lifted, select the corresponding tonnage of the chain hoist and lifting chain (150 chains and above). The lifting tonnage of the chain hoist, the diameter of the lifting chain, connecting bolts, pedals, and strength must match and meet the requirements.

  2. Inspection before lifting operation

  (1) Reasonably select the lifting point based on the weight of the lifted object, and if necessary, reinforce the lifting point.

  (2) When using anchor rods for suspension, two anchor rods must be used as suspension points to ensure that the bolts fixing the chain hoist are fully capped, the anchor rods are exposed for no less than two pitches, and secondary protection must be used.

  (3) Before lifting, check the lifting chain of the hand chain hoist to ensure that there is no twisting or knotting. Check whether the heavy object to be lifted is firmly and reliably bound. The lifting hook component under the hand chain hoist should not be flipped, and the hook tip of the lifting hook should not be used to lift heavy objects to avoid sliding and tripping, which may cause unhooking.

  3. Maintenance of lifting tools

  (1) The gear part should be lubricated regularly, and the pawl, pawl spring, and pawl wheel should be inspected regularly to prevent brake failure and self injury to people and objects when lifting components.

  (2) After using the backchain, it should be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated again, and properly stored.

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