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How to clean the hand chain hoist

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  How to clean the hand chain hoist

  Hand chain hoists have been widely used in various industries due to their optimized structural design and performance. Hand chain hoists can also be used for lifting operations without power, often in harsh environments such as open air, rainwater, high and low temperatures. After use, dust, soil, rainwater and other debris from the construction environment will attach to the surface and inside of the hand chain hoist. If not properly cleaned, it will greatly reduce the safety and service life of the hand chain hoist, and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, the following cleaning methods are introduced for everyone.

  After using the chain hoist, the first step is to clean the external components. After wetting them with a clean soft cloth in water, wipe off any dust or mud on the surface. However, it is difficult to clean the mud and dirt in some gaps of the chain hoist. In this case, a few drops of oil can be dropped between the gaps, and after soaking, a small and sharp object can be used to clean it up. After cleaning the chain hoist, it should be dried and then lubricated with rust proof grease on the transmission mechanism to prevent rusting of the equipment. After using the site for a long time, it is necessary to seek personnel who understand the construction principle of the chain hoist for disassembly, comprehensive disassembly, cleaning and maintenance, inspection of the wear and tear of each component, repair that needs to be repaired, and replacement that needs to be replaced.

  So, the cleaning work of the chain hoist is a very important and indispensable workflow. It is necessary for operators to do a good job in cleaning the hand chain hoist.

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