Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Concert Entertainment Electric Motor Hoist Stage


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1. Increase the opening of the hook for more working conditions, and the upper and lower hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel through precision forging.

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Introduction to the advantages of hanging a chain hoist upside down on the Komei stage

1. Increase the opening of the hook for more working conditions, and the upper and lower hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel through precision forging. And after heat treatment processing, it has the characteristic of not breaking when overloaded by 4 times, and there are 2 measurement points on the hook, which can measure the opening degree of the hook at any time to prevent accidents during use. And it has passed CE certification.

2. The whole machine adopts a rolling bearing design with three points and one point to replace traditional steel sleeve friction and reduce friction. It is a trump card with lighter hand pull than any of its peers, and longer bearing life than traditional gourds. The maintenance time of workers is shortened, the maintenance is simpler, and the transmission efficiency is improved.

3. Add safety load limiting devices

4. The internal gears are designed and manufactured using automotive gearbox gears, with a smoother rotational speed and a breaking force of more than 4 times the tensile force. They are guaranteed for life and undergo heat treatment processes such as carburization and final surface treatment to make the surface smooth, hard, wear-resistant, and rust resistant, achieving durability. At the same time, the mechanical transmission efficiency is fully reflected.

5. The dust cover is made of alloy steel and pressed, with a shell thickness of 3mm. The surface is treated with special small particles to enhance its wear resistance. The thickened outer cover is designed with raised ribs to resist impact and effectively protect the stable operation of the internal structure.

6. The double pawl zero position line symmetrical design ensures more synchronous and precise rotation, making the braking system safer. The safety factor of the double pawl brake fixing system is more than twice that of the single pawl brake fixing system.

7. The entire bearing structure inside the fuselage replaces traditional steel sleeve friction, improving transmission efficiency and reducing hand pulling force.

8. The design of the locking ring is enlarged on both sides to prevent it from getting stuck in the middle of the wall panel, and its safety performance in preventing chain detachment is more than 1.5 times that of traditional gourds.

9. The hand pull device and the cover adopt a split design, which makes the chain pass more smoothly and eliminates chain jamming and running, greatly improving work efficiency.

10. The lifting chain adopts a dedicated chain, and the tension of the chain can reach 4.5 times the breaking force, with a high safety factor and an effective tension of more than 20000 times.

11. The hand zipper has a softer feel and the braking system is more stable, with lighter hand pull and greatly enhanced strength.