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How can we solve the problem with the brake system of the chain hoist?

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  How can we solve the problem with the brake system of the chain hoist?

  When we use a chain hoist, we sometimes encounter the phenomenon of the hoist not being able to stop the car. What's going on? Below, I will give you a detailed explanation:

  1. If there is oil on the friction plate, immediately wipe off the surface oil.

  2. The thickness of the friction plate becomes thinner, and new components should be replaced in a timely manner.

  3. If the ratchet is missing teeth or has signs of breakage, it is necessary to immediately replace it with a new one before continuing to use.

  4. One of the two claws is damaged, and it can be used in emergency situations. However, in situations where there is no tension in daily life, it is still necessary to replace the parts with new ones, which ensures better braking performance.

  5. If the pawl spring is loose, it should be tightened in a timely manner.

  The above is the correct emergency measures that operators need to take when the manual hoist brake system malfunctions. We hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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