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What are the requirements for applying lubricating oil to a chain hoist?

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What are the requirements for applying lubricating oil to a chain hoist?

In maintenance, applying lubricating oil to the components of a chain hoist is an essential step. The suitability of lubricating oil directly affects the performance and efficiency of the chain hoist. So, what should be paid attention to when applying lubricating oil?

1. Choose a lubricating oil with moderate viscosity, and the amount should also be appropriate when applying lubricating oil. Apply a thin layer and let it air dry moderately after application, which is beneficial for the absorption of oil and can also be touched by hands.

2. When lubricating the hand chain hoist, lubricating oil should not seep into the friction rubber wood. If lubricating oil seeps into the friction rubber wood, it will cause changes in the material of the friction rubber wood and damage, resulting in the self-locking failure of the hand chain hoist.

Lubricating oil is a liquid with strong permeability, which can quickly penetrate into effective areas. Moderate use can reduce wear between equipment, provide certain protection for hand chain hoists, and also extend the service life of hand chain hoists.