Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1.5 ton industrial door electric chain hoist


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How to safely use a chain hoist?

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How to safely use a chain hoist?

1. Strengthen maintenance and use correctly. Hand chain hoists should be stored in a well ventilated and dry warehouse. During use on the construction site, rain and waterproof measures should be taken to prevent rusting and prevent some parts from functioning properly and flexibly. It is strictly prohibited to throw, smash, bump, collide, etc. randomly to prevent deformation of some parts. Regularly lubricate the rotating parts. During use, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant provisions in the "Precautions for the Use of Pulling Hoods" and the "Safety Work Regulations for Electric Power Construction".

2. Cannot be used under overload. Before using the chain hoist, first check whether the weight of the object to be lifted matches the rated load of the chain hoist, and never use it under overload. During use, the number of zippers should not be increased arbitrarily. Only one person is allowed to pull 0.5-2 tons; 3-5 tons can be pulled by 1-2 people; 5-8 tons can be pulled by 2 people; 10-15 tons can be pulled by 3 people. If these regulations are violated and rough operation is carried out, it will cause damage to the chain hoist and even accidents.

3. Regularly inspect and conduct load tests. According to relevant regulations, the chain hoist should undergo regular maintenance inspections and load tests. Some units do not implement these regulations now, as long as they can be used, they will be scrapped if they are damaged. Never maintaining or conducting load tests has left a hidden danger for the normal use of the chain hoist. When using a chain hoist, it is necessary to establish a ledger and assign a dedicated person to keep and distribute it. Damaged items must be resolutely eliminated, and a load test must be conducted before use after repair.

4. Quality should be ensured during procurement. In recent years, due to inadequate management, there has been a proliferation of counterfeit and inferior products in the market. Hand chain hoists also have a large number of substandard products put on the market. Therefore, when purchasing, it is important to identify high-quality and reliable branded products, and always adhere to purchasing the same branded product. Before entering the warehouse, careful inspection, identification, and testing should be carried out.

5. Strengthen the learning of the basic knowledge of using chain hoists in Ankui. Arrange time and organize employees to learn about the safe use of chain hoists.