Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

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What preparations should be made when using a chain hoist?

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  What preparations should be made when using a chain hoist?

  Hand chain hoists can be used to lift various types of goods, but the preparation work before formal work must be done well, which can facilitate work and ensure safety. So what specific preparation work should be done?

  1. The weight of the goods must match the model of the chain hoist. When selecting the model of the chain hoist, it is important to determine the weight of the goods. The weight of the goods must be less than the lifting capacity of the chain hoist, in order to select the most suitable model of chain hoist and avoid overloading during operation.

  2. The inspection of each component on the chain hoist should be done well. Before starting work, we need to inspect the various parts on the chain hoist to ensure that they are intact and functioning properly, so as to prevent accidents during operation.

  3. Choose the appropriate product installation location based on job requirements. When installing the chain hoist, it is necessary to choose a suitable position, which is not only convenient for hanging goods, but also meets the work requirements, so that it will be more convenient to lift goods.

  4. After hanging the chain hoist, a trial pull should be conducted to ensure that it can work properly. After installing the chain hoist, you can first perform a trial pull to ensure that the product can rotate normally and will not collide with the surrounding environment during operation. That's it.

  Before using the chain hoist for work, the above preparation content must be done, and we hope that everyone can do well according to the above requirements.

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