Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

1 ton hydraulic crane hoist


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The seven advantages of Kemei's chain gourd are even more advantageous

Category : Stage Chain Hoist Series

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The seven advantages of Kemei's chain gourd are even more advantageous

The chain hoist has high performance, high safety, and flexibility, making it easier and more convenient for you to complete work, greatly reducing labor intensity.

Specifically reflected in the seven major advantages:

Body: Made of precision steel with a pressed cover, sturdy and lightweight, with a slim design that is novel, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, in line with ergonomics. The body is lightweight and has a small working and activity interface, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

Spray molding: Advanced spray molding processing technology, both inside and outside are coated with plastic, and the surface and inside are as brand new as ever after use.

Chain: A higher strength chain that is suitable for sudden overweight operations, changing the shortcomings of ordinary chain hoists that can only be pulled down vertically, and has a wider range of adaptability.

Gears: International standard gear steel has doubled wear resistance compared to ordinary hoists, making rotation smoother and reducing hand pulling force.

Limit switch: Both the upper and lower parts of the suspension have limit switch components, and the chain exceeds to ensure safety.

Hook: High strength and sufficient material hook, with a higher safety factor. The hook head is newly designed to prevent the cargo from unhooking.

Components: The main components are made of high-quality alloy steel, and strict dimensional and weight inspections are implemented to ensure the full performance of each component.