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What is the reason for the wear of the lifting belt

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  What is the reason for the wear of the lifting belt

  After using the woven lifting belt for a period of time, there may be wear and tear, which affects its use. Therefore, in practical applications, we can avoid some human factors to extend the service life of the lifting belt. This article will introduce the reasons for the wear of lifting belts, hoping to be helpful to you.

  When using flat lifting belts, due to improper user operation, the external fibers of the lifting belt will be subject to varying degrees of wear and tear during use, reducing the efficiency of use. The material of the lifting belt is woven from polyester fiber. During use, industrial lifting belts lift equipment with sharp edges and rough surfaces. In this case, the lifting belt is prone to wear and tear. Therefore, when using lifting belts, we need to use protective sleeves to avoid wear and tear.

  During the use of high-strength lifting belts, the bending of colored lifting belts causes the internal fine threads to interact and slip, resulting in increased contact stress between strands and local indentation. When repeatedly stretched and bent, stress concentration will be removed in the deep concave area and the belt will break, reducing strength and causing internal wear. In addition, if the lifting belt is used in harsh environments such as high or low temperatures, it may also experience varying degrees of wear and tear.

  The lifting belt manufacturer reminds you to avoid the above reasons as much as possible during use, and the operator should also develop a habit of regular maintenance.