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What precautions should be taken when using lifting belts for lifting operations

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What precautions should be taken when using lifting belts for lifting operations

1. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

2.When working with two lifting straps, hang the two lifting straps directly into the double hooks. The lifting belts are hung at the symmetrical force center position of the double hooks; When using four lifting belts, each two lifting belts should be directly hung into the double hooks. Note that the lifting belts inside the hooks should not overlap or compress each other, and the lifting belts should be symmetrical about the force center of the hook.

3. When using the lifting strap, it should be directly hung into the center of force on the hook and should not be hung at the tip of the hook.

4. During lifting operations, the lifting straps are not allowed to cross or twist, and are not allowed to be tied or twisted. The correct lifting strap dedicated connectors should be used for connection.

5. When encountering goods with sharp corners or edges in the load, protective measures such as sheathing and corner protection must be taken to protect the lifting belt, in order to extend its service life. It is strictly prohibited to use slings on rough surfaces. To prevent the sling from being cut off by edges and rough surfaces.

6.Double turn choke binding is safer.