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Do not disassemble or modify the stage chain hoist at will

  • 2023-12-09

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Do not disassemble or modify the stage chain hoist at will

The stage hoist is a lifting tool that we often use when building a stage, which can help us lift and install the stage's lighting and sound equipment. Some people dismantle and modify the stage gourd at will in order to make it better to use. Is this right?

The internal structure of the stage gourd is very complex. If it is disassembled and modified arbitrarily, it may cause damage to the internal collar components and also affect the normal use of other components of the gourd; Moreover, arbitrary disassembly and modification of the gourd can cause many problems and hidden dangers in later use. Moreover, if the gourd is modified without authorization, it will have problems in later use and cannot be repaired or replaced by the original manufacturer, which is not worth the loss; The arbitrarily modified gourd may not necessarily improve operational performance, and it may also be damaged faster due to some components not meeting higher operational requirements.

So, we must operate according to the standard operating methods, and do not dismantle or modify the stage chain hoist casually to avoid unnecessary trouble.