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What should be done if there is shaking during the lifting process of the chain hoist?

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What should be done if there is shaking during the lifting process of the chain hoist?

Some netizens said that the hand chain hoist they use always shakes when lifting heavy objects. Is this a normal phenomenon? How to avoid abnormalities?

Firstly, it can be confirmed that slight shaking during the process of lifting goods with a chain hoist is normal, but excessive shaking angle is abnormal. We need to first eliminate it from the following aspects.

1. When using a chain hoist under overload, it may shake due to its inability to bear weight, which can easily cause objects to fall off and harm others.

2. During the lifting process, tilting and lifting can also cause heavy objects to shake, and tilting and lifting is very dangerous. It not only causes wear and tear on the hook, lifting chain and other components, but also in some cases can lead to overloading of the chain hoist.

3. Excessive pulling of the chain can also cause significant shaking. During the lifting process, regardless of whether the weight rises or falls, when pulling the bracelet, the force should be uniform and gentle, and excessive force should not be used.

In addition, there is another point that is particularly easy to overlook, which is that the lifting point of the heavy object hung by the hand chain hoist hook is not determined properly, which can also cause severe tilting and shaking during lifting. We must stop and adjust the lifting point in a timely manner.