Electric hoists represent their own machinery, strength, and toughness, while the stage is elegant, flowing, and soft, with conflicts and collisions between the two.

Remote control Mini Electric Chain Hoist


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Introduction to Electric Hoists on Stage

Category : W12 Stage Inteligent hoist

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Introduction to Electric Hoists on Stage

Durable body, compact and stylish appearance, easy to transport

Surface matte black treatment to avoid light pollution and make it more convenient to use

Strong power, flexible and stable operation

The overall protection level is IP56, and it can work in the rain

80 level chain, 8 times safety factor

The design of the lower hook and loop is safer to use in conjunction with the shackle

Aviation aluminum shell, which has undergone heat treatment, makes the fuselage sturdy and reduces its weight

Electromagnetic brake for higher safety

The chain bag is specially designed without disassembly and can be easily hung upside down

Precautions for electric hoists on stage

There should be no obstacles within the walking range of the operator, along the route through which heavy objects pass, and on the running track of the stage electric hoist;

Check the agility and reliability of the brake, the correctness and agility of the manual button action, and the reducer should have no abnormal sound;

Check if the upper and lower limit switches of the stage electric hoist are operating correctly;

Check if the hook stop nut is tightened. The hook should roll flexibly in both horizontal and vertical directions;

Check for significant defects in the steel wire rope, arrange it neatly on the drum, show no signs of detachment from the pulley groove, and ensure good lubrication;