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5 major situations where the use of lifting chains is prohibited

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  5 major situations where the use of lifting chains is prohibited

  The length of the lifting chain can be adjusted according to the different lifting heights of the lifting object. It is an essential and important component of the lifting device for cranes. However, in any of the following situations, its use must be prohibited:

  1. Distortion, severe rusting, and scaling cannot be eliminated. The dangerous section wear of components and accessories is reduced by 10% of the original size, and their use is prohibited;

  When the elongation of a single link exceeds 3% of the nominal pitch, and the elongation of a double link exceeds 5% of the nominal pitch, it is prohibited to use it;

  3. When inspecting chain link welding cracks or other harmful defects with the naked eye or other equipment, it is prohibited to use it;

  4. After being damaged by the heat source, it cannot continue to be used;

  5. After excessive pitting or corrosion (acid, alkali), it cannot be used again.

  The first thing you see about a high-quality grade 80 lifting chain is its color, followed by its quality. When carrying out operations, it is necessary to require the quality of the chain when hanging or tying heavy objects for a long time. High hardness chains will not cause chain breakage even after being hung for a long time.

  Chain is a lifting tool mainly used to lift and bundle goods, which plays an important role in improving the efficiency of crane operations. When lifting, if the weight exceeds the limit of the chain, the operation can continue, indicating that the quality of this lifting chain is good.

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